In Slovakia, we supply products to multiple marker segments.

If you wish to learn more about our products or to start to cooperate with us, simply send an E – mail to our address or callViber +421 903 217 201. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

  • Pharmacies

    A majority of our customers are pharmacies and medical device shops. We supply to them a variety of supplementary products and medical devices. Our focus is products intended for quality women and baby care, cosmetic products, baby products and quality body care products in particular.

  • Stores selling products for babies

    We have years-long experience with trading in baby products and drugstore articles and it is, of course, a big honour for us that a majority of our customers are stores selling products for babies and independent drugstores. We supply them particularly wet tissues and a versatile range of cosmetic articles and baby products.

  • Hypermarkets

    A major share in our market is and will be held by multinational hypermarkets, supermarkets and chain drugstores. We are their years-long stable supplier of a manifold variety of wet wipes, perfumes, dental care products and baby products.